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Our factory in Tanah Merah, Kelantan is a complete outfit of design and produce roofing profiles of various quality to meet local and foreign standards and requirements.About_Us.html

Our present quality standard of Galmaxx® Alpha is a superior galvanise alloy material that has been extensively use in our range of TANAMERA alloy steel roofing sheets which feature:

  1. 1.Superior ductility hot dip coating, with epoxy as a primer and polyester paint as finishing;

  2. 2.Excellent edge creep corrosion resistance especially along the unprotected edge area, twice the quality of conventional galvanized steel sheets.

  3. 3.Cathodic protection enables excellent formability and paintability with excellent paint adhesion, cracking resistance to flaking during commercial forming operations thus reducing premature rusting on the finished product.

Our wide range of profiles, sizes and specifications are available upon request.
Tailor-made to specifications are available for bulk orders.mailto:tanamerainfo@gmail.com?subject=enquiries
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